when ur resting/eating at a con in ur cosplay


when somebody asks for ur picture


mayn, making me look like I have a double chin :I


Tampa Bay Comic Con 2/3
Please PLEASE PM me asking for credit requests!!!

1. Myself with UNKNOWN x3 as Roxy, God Tier Aradia, and Aradia
2. Isaiah with UNKNOWN as Captain America.
3. Isaiah with UNKNOWN as Salvador.
4. Ryan with UNKNOWN as The Green Arrow.
5. Myself with UNKNOWN as Jinx. (My favorite Cosplay all day!)
6. UNKNOWN as the Deku Kid!
7. Isaiah with UNKNOWN as Altïar (Ezio?)
8. Isaiah with UNKNOWN as a Psycho.
9. Isaiah with UNKNOWN as a kick ass Walter White! He loved this shot.
10. Isaiah with UNKNOWN as Lilith.

Hey I’m the Jinx! :D! 

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Day two of comic con was a success!


Day 2 if the Tampa Bay Comic Con with me in full scout gear

My Sailor Mercury cosplay made for AFO. Done in 4 days with 100% cotton for the light/dark blue, so they are all nice. Based on the OG anime where they had pleated skirts, but it’s hard to tell in the pics because it had rained on it which messed them up. The other people in my pics are my friends and we all went together.

Taking Prop Commissions

I have spent quite a long time working on my own costumes but now I want to expand, and I want to take up prop commissions! Props are what I’m most comfortable with and I can work in really tight schedules, even if it means doing all nighters it will get done. If you are in need of a prop just send me a message on my facebook:

or on my Deviantart:

I hope we can work something out and make amazing super awesome weapons together! xO!

Jinx Cosplay Knightrokon


Photos from Images by Ken Smits, Papanotzzi, and Robert Ashburn from Figmentsmedia


The infection is coming to Orlando.

Resident Evil is coming to Halloween Horror Nights!



Adorably terrifying

My Lissandra cospaly at AFO, photographs taken by Papanotzzi. :D